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Garlic Dust Large Refill (1 lb)

Garlic Dust Large Refill (1 lb)

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Introducing our new 16oz Garlic Dust seasoning - because more is merrier, especially when you don't want to run out during those big cookouts! This larger size ensures you're well-equipped for those grand parties and numerous recipes.

Looking to elevate not only your seafood but a myriad of dishes? Dive into our Garlic Dust seasoning, a harmonious mix of granulated garlic, salt, pepper, paprika, celery salt, and other aromatic spices, with a tantalizing hint of cayenne for that extra kick. This blend promises to infuse a zesty southern flair not just into seafood, but also chicken, beef, soups, eggs, vegetables, pork, lamb, and countless other culinary delights.

Whether you're making a hearty beef stew, a fragrant chicken curry, or just sprinkling it over avocado toast, this seasoning blend strikes the perfect balance every time. Our dedicated customers can vouch for its versatility – from egg salads to dressings, the possibilities are endless. Crafted from the finest ingredients, each time you unscrew the jar, you're greeted with the consistent, mouth-watering aroma and taste you've come to adore.

Now packaged in a robust 16-ounce pouch, our Garlic Dust seasoning stands tall and proud in your pantry, ready to amplify your dishes. Experience the rich garlic undertones in larger, party-ready portions wherever you cook.

For a transformative taste sensation that electrifies your culinary creations, make our Garlic Dust seasoning your go-to choice!

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