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Remembering Greg Alston

Today is Memorial Day!


For those in the United States, it’s also considered the unofficial start to summer. While the Summer Solstice happens on June 20th this year (around 4pm CDT), we like to get started early, and this is the time of year most schools end for summer break. So, it’s become its own thing.

Memorial Day has its own meaning, which I’ll write about another time. Today, I just wanted to share what’s happening with Tasty Tin®.

Back in late March, early April, we had to close temporarily due to surgery recovery. No worries, everything is fine on my end, but as soon as I returned, my uncle Greg passed away unexpectedly. And his death threw us all for a loop.

Greg was my mom’s younger brother. They were about a year apart (15 months actually) and the first of their siblings to pass away.

At his celebration of life, I learned things about my uncle I didn’t ever realize or really appreciate. One was how much like his parents he truly was. My grandparents, Mom-mom & Pop-pop (aka Ella & Eugene), were #couplegoals, and they left a legacy to be proud of, including my uncle Greg. One of the things Greg did for me was his unwavering support of just about anything I did, and he made sure you knew he was thinking about you.

As we reminisced at his house over the last few weeks, I came across not only his latest order from Tasty Tin®, but I found one of my original boxes he saved from 7 years ago. His favorite saying to me was “On a scale of 1-10, it’s The Tasty Tin!”

He also had jokes. Lots and lots of jokes. He would lovingly taunt me when he had a chance to enjoy my favorite food, steamed blue crabs, without me, and while I would envy his meal, I took even more notice of his attention. He was thinking of me and for those of us who may not invent the next biggest technological advancement or cure cancer, being thought of and remembered is the next best thing.

So, on this first day of the unofficial start of summer and as I head back to the kitchen to get our new blends on shelves and in our online store, I wanted to take a moment and introduce you to my uncle Greg. Gone from this earthly plain but never forgotten.


Lovingly submitted,

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