Black History Month - Supporting Black owned businesses

Black History Month - Supporting Black owned businesses

As we step into February, we not only embrace the cold embrace of winter but also the warm embrace of Black History Month. 🖤 While we advocate for supporting Black-owned businesses all year round, this month serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of such support.


Our hope is simple yet profound: that each and every one of you finds at least one Black-owned business to support this February. Whether you choose to support my venture or another entrepreneur's, your patronage is the lifeline that enables us to stay afloat, provide for our families, and continue contributing to our communities.


We are more than just business owners. We are thinkers and creators; we are mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. We are chefs and bakers, videographers and photographers. We design, we love, we care, and we support. In essence, we are just like you.


This Black History Month, let's make a difference together. Find a Black-owned business that you can support and be proud to say you helped keep the dream alive. Your support means everything to us.


Putting my money where my mouth is, here are two Black (and women) owned businesses I’m supporting this year.


Cami Co Lace – makes the hottest custom clothes for the urbanite.  Showcasing HBCUs, Greek organizations and many other areas of Black excellence, Cameran is killing it in the cute clothes game.  We love everything she makes!

 black woman wearing camicolace Black Lives Matter custom shirt

CannaBody Designs – is putting cannabis at the forefront of the conversation.  The fan favorite “PHUCK FARMA” hoodie helps initiate the real conversation about cannabis and it’s many uses. 


Thank you for standing with us, for embracing diversity, and for helping to weave a richer tapestry in our community. 🌟


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Love this!!!!! I definitely have to check them out 😍😍

Nikki LaViolette

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