Why we don’t cook with gluten free products…

I absolutely love to cook. Anyone who knows me can and will tell you that.  I grew up watching my mom, grandma, aunts, cousins and friends cooking.  I learned to cook without recipes but have since learned to appreciate a well written cookbook.  

I also grew up with a mother who is allergic to eggs, uncles, cousins and my own kid who are allergic to tree nuts and/or peanuts and I even married a man who is allergic to fish! So, throughout my years of cooking for family, I’ve naturally had to avoid allergens for the people I love.  

I learned to work around those allergies by focusing on the foods they COULD eat.   I don’t bake cakes for my mother and I don’t fry fish for my husband.  But I do appreciate the people who do try and find substitutes for them.

I’m not one of them. So please don’t ask.

I do events where I’m asked to provide gluten free, dairy free, nut free options.  And I’m more than happy to work with people on ideas that are naturally gluten, dairy or nut free.  But I won’t change my recipes and start using ingredients I’m not comfortable with to make a normally gluten filled food and option for someone who cannot eat gluten.  

I’ve questioned my decision enough to even try gluten free baked goods, pasta and flours.  And I’m 100% certain it’s a no from me.  I can’t put my reputation behind these items.  I won’t be happy with the final product and to me that is the reason I do what I do. I don’t make my kid a nut free carrot cake. So understand my choice is not a personal attack on you.

There are so many wonderful foods, ingredients, recipes and dishes out there that can easily fit into anyone’s dietary needs and I’d much prefer to spend my time researching those and presenting new ideas you may have never considered.  Rather than attempt to make a pizza crust that won’t hurt your gut. 

So no I won’t be finding a way to serve a gluten free vegan macaroni and cheese but I will tell you about this amazing a flavorful quinoa salad I make.  

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