We’ve taped over 10 episodes so far and we’re not stopping!

As you know, at the beginning of the year Sabrina and I began taping, what we’ve been temporarily calling, the Tasty Tin Web Series.  They are 15-minute (or less) cooking videos featuring recipes we love and love to make together.

Sabrina is, currently, 6 so that dictates the recipes we tape.  Both because of her age and attention span and her palate!  But so far, we haven’t run out of recipe ideas yet.

Some of the recipes are ones I’ve been making for years and others are brand new that we found in a magazine, cookbook, blog or social media. 

But many people have asked why we started taping our shows.  So, I’ll tell you!

In a nutshell, to get my kid off YouTube. By putting her on YouTube.

That may sound counterintuitive.  But it’s been working.  

A few years ago, Sabrina could watch YouTube. For the most part, she watched things like Peppa Pig, dance videos, and the occasional kid opening some random toy (I hate these videos) pretty harmless stuff.  Then one day she ended up watching something on Slender Man.  I won’t get into what that is, but it made me realize something I knew but didn’t want to admit.  YouTube and the algorithms they use to show videos based off what you’ve watched previously, was flawed. That is fine if you’re an adult.  It didn’t sit well with me in regard to my toddler.  And though we extremely limit media in general, it’s not completely off the table so I have to be able to control it. 

So, YouTube was cut off!

That would have worked out splendidly if my child did not have a mind of her own. JBut the little sneak would watch YouTube when with her cousin at my parent’s house.  And when I confronted her over the holiday break, I could see her thinking about lying to me.  And I knew then I’d have to find another solution.  

The following week my cousin suggested I start making videos.  Any other day of the week I would have said no, but it occurred to me that if I could incorporate Sabrina into the videos maybe I can feed this social media thing she seems to enjoy in a way that makes us both comfortable.

I asked her if we made our own videos for YouTube would she promise to not watch YouTube without my knowledge.  She said yes.  

This is our test.  And so far, she’s doing great.  Even at my parent’s house I haven’t caught her sneaking it in behind my back.  

We post our videos on Sunday evenings and by Wednesday we check out the comments and see who liked, shared, or loved our videos. She loves knowing that people are interested in our shows and that seems to be enough (for now).

The videos have also helped fill a void for me as well.  I love to cook.  I love to cook what I want or am inspired to cook when I want to cook it.  I love trying out recipes.  I love playing around with recipes.  And I completely miss my Recipe Testers Club!  

Now, I’m testing recipes weekly.  Reading cookbooks over again and generally being excited about something I love.

But most importantly, as Sabrina gets older and maybe enjoys spending time with me a little less, we’re recording so many memories together. And I’ll appreciate them quite a bit in the future.  

There you have it.  Why we started these videos.  I hope you continue to watch them and enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them

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