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The Tasty Tin Food Photography Book Experiment


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Anyone want to learn to take better pictures of food with me?


Cool, here’s what I plan to do join in however you can.

A new friend, Nagi, a food blogger (check her out at Recipe Tin Eats) wrote a book about how in 3 months she went:


And she swears anyone can do the same on a budget.  In this age of Instagram, twitter, yelp and every other social media outlet that people showcase their food on, pictures are important.  A great picture can sell a restaurant as a viable dinner choice, they can make or break a food blogger and they can get thousands of likes and followers.

So here’s my plan.  It’s pretty simple and straight to the point

  1. Buy the book
  2. Read the book
  3. Create my budget friendly Photo Booth setup
  4. Practice
  5. Post practice pictures on here and Instagram.
  6. Practice
  7. Practice some more
  8. Post final pictures and show my amazing improvement!

Come back here and follow my journey of the The Tasty Tin Food Photography Book Experiment.  I would love feedback from all of you.  If you want to join in at any point click the picture to buy the book


But remember I want all of you to be involved as well.  Create an account on our blog, follow us on Instagram and Facebook, like us on Twitter and post all of your practice pictures too with the tags #TastyTinFoodPhotoExperiment




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