Tasty Tin v 2.0

I’m currently reading Grit by Angela Duckworth, PhD.  I first heard about her and her research (she’s a psychology professor at UPenn and a 2013 MacArthur Fellow) on the podcast Freakonomics.  I find the most interesting things on that podcast….but I digress.  Anyway, she spent her graduate studies on the idea that grit (a mix of passion and perseverance) and not just natural talent are what make people successful.

In the book she gives some of the questions she uses to determine someone’s grit score.  I took the test as a general view of myself and I also then focused on my love of food.  And while overall I wouldn’t call myself a person with a lot of grit, when it comes to cooking & food and I’ve grit coming out of my…(you get the idea).

So all of this to tell you that while all of my previous ideas to keep me surrounded by food and cooking for people have not waned, I’ve again reimagined how best to keep at it.  (I’m like a dog with a bone!)

And honestly it’s not so much a reimagine but a continuation.  

So here we are the start of the holiday season of 2018 and as I currently wait to hear if I’ve been accepted into college (again!), I have this urge to cook for people.  Lots of people.  But I don’t want to do what I always do, bite off more than I can chew.  

So check out our new offerings.  They are PERFECT if you need a potluck dish for a holiday party and don’t want to cook! 

I will!


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