Tasty Tin Boxes

What is a Tasty Tin box?

A Tasty Tin box is a themed box that contains at least 4 Tasty Tin tested and approved recipes to try, the spices/herbs/sauces/dry ingredients for those recipes to build your pantry, a kitchen tool to build your culinary toolbox, tips and tricks to make cooking easier, and other surprises.

What if I don’t feel like cooking, the recipes you sent, immediately?

That is the beauty of Tasty Tin!  Unlike some other food service boxes on the market, we understand that your time is precious and sometimes you just don’t want to eat something on a particular week.  All of our boxes are curated with items that will last in your pantry or on your shelf for months and years to come.  We want you to get your perishables where you prefer to shop and when you feel like eating that meal.  We’re the perfect no-pressure companion.

A box you sent previously would make a great gift for a friend—can I buy one to send to them?

Yes!  Please check our webpage for one-time products for any past box.  And if you don’t see what you’re looking for on the site, shoot us an email at hello@tastytin.comand we will help get what you need.

I want to suggest a recipe or theme for a future box. How do I do that?

That’s great, and you’re exactly the kind of customer we love.  We are always excited to get feedback from loyal customers.  Email us at  boxes@tastytin.comto submit any suggestions you might have.  If we use your ideas or product suggestions, we’ll give you 10% off your next box.

Can I post pictures of my cooking attempts on your social media sites? 

Of course you can.  We are always excited to see what you accomplish when you unlock homemade. Follow us on Instagram @tasty_tin or Facebook @TheTastyTin and tag us with #unlockhomemade. Maybe we’ll feature your dish or box!

My adult child needs to learn to cook. Can I buy Tasty Tin as a gift? 

Absolutely.  Choose the Give as a Gift option, and you can input their shipping address and a note and pay with your own form of payment.   Remember to give us their email address so we can let them know about future boxes.

My child wants to learn to cook—will you be doing kids boxes?

Yes we will!  We love children in the kitchen.  We are currently working on getting kids boxes out there soon.  Join our newsletter for announcements and updates.

How do you test your recipes?

Well, that’s a long process.  Most of these recipes are ones we’ve been cooking all our lives.  Many of us grew up in the kitchen watching our parents and grandparents cook.  But we’re also cookbook addicts and love experimenting with recipes we find in our old-fashioned cookbooks.  We also scour the web and watch cooking shows, and some of us are trained chefs who have spent our lives in restaurants.  Sometimes we create our own recipes.  But our friends and families have become our guinea pigs.  They enjoy the food and we enjoy feeding them.