How to read recipes…

I know it may sound weird but reading a recipe with the intention of cooking it is different than reading anything else.

I believe you should read a recipe at a minimum of 3 times.  Personally, I read them 5 times

  1. To see if you’re interested – glance over the ingredients (no allergens or ingredients you don’t eat?), time investment, tools needed to make sure it’s something you even want to pursue.
  2. (Optional Read) – go through your pantry and fridge/freezer to make a list of what you need to buy (this is optional because if you know you need everything no need to take the time to read it again)
  3. (Optional Read) – one more read to make sure you got everything from the store 
  4. To get the ingredients prepared and tools ready – dice, measure & separate all ingredients so that everything is ready when you begin
  5. Follow the recipe to prepare the dish – this is the final read and there should be no surprises.  

As long as you read for 1, 4, & 5 I think your cooking can and will be a success.  Or you can be anal like me and over-prepare.  

Either way it’s important to read any recipe thoroughly.  

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