Tasty Tin Test Kitchen

Today I am reminded why I wanted to start Tasty Tin.  For years friends have asked me to cook for them or host a party or advice on recipes and every time I’m broached, I say yes and then explain that they could do this too.  I’m not a culinary trained chef, I’ve never worked in a restaurant (I’m totally ignoring those 2 weeks at CiCi’s pizza) so what I do anyone could do as well.  

And I want everyone to realize that.

Every time I get in the kitchen or talk with someone at a market, farm or specialty store, or even just read a new cookbook, I learn something new. 

Not only do I embrace the learning but I am ok with messing things up.  It’s ok to mess up.  To me, failure is the greatest teacher.  And if you learn the lesson, then failure isn’t failure at all, it’s an experience.  

What did I do today that was a complete mess up?  

I tried to make a ham from scratch.  What I didn’t realize was I didn’t have a complete understanding of cured, smoked, raw and baked hams.  

But that didn’t stop a full Sunday in the Tasty Tin Test Kitchen.  The best part of Tasty Tin (other than our amazing customers) is the Tasty Tin Test Kitchen.  Sometimes the most inedible things emerge from there.  But we always leave there laughing, learning and talking about the next time.  

Because there’s always a next time…

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