Grilling 101

My favorite way to cook is definitely grilling.  Charcoal, hardwoods, gas, on the deck, camping, tailgating, on a Sunday afternoon or at the family reunion, there’s so much to this way of cooking but it’s so simple.

I currently own 3 Weber* grills.  By the time I post this I’ll probably own 5 🙂 HOPEFULLY! I also own a Big Green Egg (I’m a true Egghead!)  I find they all are well made and no matter what beating they get from mother nature or my total lack of care, they still are kickin’ out great meals.

And the best part my kitchen stays (mostly) clean when I grill.

In my head everything tastes better off the grill.  Vegetables are healthier, meat is juicier, fruit is sweeter.  

You don’t have to buy the most expensive grill out there.  You can even make your own if you want.  But I do find a few tools to make the experience easier or better.

  • Chimney Starter – best & easiest way to light charcoal in my opinion
  • Tongs – get yourself a nice sturdy long pair of tongs.  
  • Grill Stone – some people use wire brushes to clean grill grates but I love the grill stone.  I just find it works better
  • Aluminum Foil – I was a Girl Scout and every camper knows about foil packet meals.  When all else fails throw some ingredients in a foil packet and toss on the grill.  Dinner is served!

So whatever your favorite food is try throwing it on the grill (my uncle once cooked spaghetti on the grill 🙂 ) Enjoy!

*I am not being paid by any companies.  These are solely my opinions*

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