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Food Road Trip

Food Road Trips

America’s favorite past time isn’t baseball.  I totally believe it’s food road trips.  After the surge in shows like Diners, Drive-ins & Dives, Southern Food Road Trip and Man Vs Food, people everywhere are hopping in the car and driving miles out of their way just to try the “best fried chicken in the country” or the “juiciest brisket this side of the Mississippi” or whatever.  

And I am a proud food road tripper!  When my husband took a job in Texas and we had to move him from Connecticut, we could have flown and had our stuff shipped.  But then how would we get a chance to try the fried chicken at Gus’s World Famous Friday Chicken in Tennessee or compare it to Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken 20 minutes away?  So we opted to drive 28 hours and stop in Tennessee cause honestly we didn’t know another time when we’d get the chance (or want to).  

And when it was time for me to move from Connecticut to Texas I spent the last 3 months in Connecticut taking mini food road trips to try and hit as many of the “50 best dishes to try before you die in Connecticut” as I could.  I also snuck in a quick road trip to Newport, Rhode Island which has some amazing food as well.

While I didn’t get a chance to eat all 50 dishes.  I did spend some memorable weekends with friends trying new places and tasting new dishes.  I had the best pasta of my life, incredible lamb sausage and jalapeño bacon and way too many Connecticut style lobster rolls to count!

That was 6 years ago and today I’m going to recreate a small part of that with my daughter.  

We’re flying into my hometown of Philadelphia there we’ll eat cheesesteaks, have real soft pretzels that don’t cost $3 each and overindulge on water ice our all time summer favorite.  

And after spending a few days with my grandfather we’re renting a car and heading north.  We’ll end in Rhode Island and turn back around. Stopping in Beacon NY, New York City, Boston Massachusetts, New Haven, Guilford, & Bridgeport Connecticut and Rhode Island,  Although my daughter is only 4 and won’t fully appreciate all the food we COULD have on this trip she is serious about her favorite foods.  So I’ll taylor the trip more around her tastebuds than mine (this time).  

But I figure if I get her started early she will learn to love the all-american food road trip as much as me and her dad.  Because I already have our next one planned in my mind. 


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    Lauren Bradner
    July 12, 2016 at 6:05 am

    I am driving from Washington DC to Providence, Rhode Island please tell me some places to stop and eat along the way.

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