Everyone has a Fetish!

Some people love to buy shoes, others love clothes, cars, technology.  Me?  I love cookbooks.  I love reading them, buying them, imagining myself cooking every recipe in them.  There was a time when I bought about 4 a month.  I buy hardcover, paperback, and even the magazine cookbooks.  Good ones, I read like regular books.  Cover to cover like a story.  

Sometimes I buy ones that I find out later I really don’t like.  Either I’ve tried a recipe or two that just didn’t do it for me or I don’t get a chance to try anything out for a while and when I do get the chance I’m not interested in it anymore.  

Pictures are important.  I find if I can replicate the picture then I’m happier with the recipe in general.  And all 5 senses should be involved when cooking.  

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