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Tasty Tin Review: Dead Rooster Company




So we’ve finally been able to test each of the rubs sold by Dead Rooster Company (descriptions directly from their site.

  • Redwood aka Pork Redemption – old school barbeque rub that creates amazing pork loins and killer ribs. This has a brown sugar base and creates the perfect blend of sweet and salty for some top notch meats. Dredge your pork cuts in this magical mix, then hit them with a good sear to form one incredible brown sugar based crust.
  • Olde Tymers – the original classic. We envisioned what the best steak ever tasted like and sought out to create that flavor. What we came up with is our new kitchen staple. We start with your basic coarse salt and pepper and add hints of citrus, dill, subtle heat and much more. This does nothing but bring out the finest flavor of steak and chicken and can absolutely perfect vegetables.
  • Black Gold – most unique blend and surprises with an incredible flavor. We’ve passed this around a lot of circles and no lie, this stuff is addictive. Using chocolate coffee grinds as the foundation, we added savory complementary spices and topped it off with a touch of delicious heat. This makes one stunning steak and also works wonders as a chicken blackening season. Seriously. This is life-changing.

When I saw them in the mail after returning from a trip, I was pretty excited but then again anything that revolves around cooking (especially grilling) makes me excited.  And I so wanted to love these blends.

The pictures on their site and Instagram page are drool worthy so I had high hopes.  And because I’m twisted, I started with the one I thought I’d like the least, Black Gold.  Let me preface this review with, I am NOT a fan of coffee, especially the smell of coffee.  So opening the pack was a little off-putting for me.  But like I said I wanted to love them all so I grabbed a nice 2lb flank steak because it’s a cut that needs a strong rub and went to work.

Like the description says they used coffee grinds and chocolate as a base with a blend of other spices.  And because I let it sit for a while, I had to convince myself to actually taste it when done.DSC_0277

Boy, am I glad I did!

After direct cooking on my grill, the coffee smell was completely gone and the flavor was great.  I could taste the hints of chocolate and the flaky sea salt really rounded out the taste.

Because the package said it made a great blackening season for chicken as well I wanted to compare.  And while the chicken also had amazing flavor, my testers and myself much preferred it on steak.

Next step is to try it on a cowboy Ribeye.


Next was the Olde Tymers and Black Gold on chicken breasts tha
t I decided to make into salads in a jar.  They are easy to transport to my recipe testers club members and it allows the meat to shine through.  In a nutshell WE LOVE OLDE TYMERS ON CHICKEN AND CAN”T WAIT TO TRY IT ON EVERYTHING ELSE.  That hint of spice from the crushed red pepper is lovely.  And I’ve already got some veggies, seafood and other things in mind to test.
DSC_0316And finally it’s fall and I’ve been looking for recipes to test with fall flavors.  A good price on a 10lb pork loin, some local apples in my weekly CSA box and what I call Pork Redemption seemed like a match made in meat heaven.

It rained all weekend (you know that annoying rain that is steady) so I didn’t put it on the grill like I wanted to but my oven comes through in the 11th hour.

DSC_0005Brown at 450℉ for 10 minutes to get a good crust then lower for about 10 minutes per pound to tender perfection.

I ate a crusty end as I took it out of the oven and goodness was it amazing.  The sweet and salty combo was perfect for pork.  I could imagine eating a whole rack of ribs with this blend.  Finger Licking….well you know.  But because a whole pork loin seems to call for a little maturity I made a pan gravy (cause really it’s sacrilege to waste the juices) and sautéed some locally grown apples sprinkled with the pork redemption to reinforce all the wonderful flavors these guys developed.

A perfect fall combo with an awesome blend!

So in a nutshell buy their stuff.  You won’t be disappointed.

Dead Rooster Co


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Tasty Tin Test Kitchen

tasty tin ham

Today I am reminded why I wanted to start Tasty Tin. For years friends have asked me to cook for them or host a party or advice on recipes and every time I’m broached, I say yes and then explain that they could do this too. I’m not a culinary trained chef, I’ve never worked in a restaurant (I’m totally ignoring those 2 weeks at CiCi’s pizza) so what I do anyone could do as well.

And I want everyone to realize that.

Every time I get in the kitchen or talk with someone at a market, farm or specialty store, or even just read a new cookbook, I learn something new.

Not only do I embrace the learning but I am ok with messing things up. It’s ok to mess up. To me, failure is the greatest teacher. And if you learn the lesson, then failure isn’t failure at all, it’s an experience.

What did I do today that was a complete mess up?

I tried to make a ham from scratch. What I didn’t realize was I didn’t have a complete understanding of cured, smoked, raw and baked hams.

But that didn’t stop a full Sunday in the Tasty Tin Test Kitchen. The best part of Tasty Tin (other than our amazing customers) is the Tasty Tin Test Kitchen. Sometimes the most inedible things emerge from there. But we always leave there laughing, learning and talking about the next time.

Because there’s always a next time…