About us

If you are here because you love to cook but don’t have a culinary background, never attended cooking school, not even a quick night class and have zero experience working in kitchens (of any size) or restaurants; then you are in the right place. You are just like me!


Culinary school can be expensive and a bit much if all you want to do is impress your family, friends and that cute guy or girl who has been checking you out. Tasty Tin was created from a love of cooking and a desire to share the joy of cooking with others.


Growing up, my parents instilled a strong sense of independence in my siblings and I. One skill we all acquired at an early age was that of preparing and cooking meals for our family. This later translated to me cooking meals for friends as a freshman in college. As I got older, friends, family and acquaintances would ask me for cooking advice, tips and tricks, which I quickly realized many people were unaware of. My love of cooking and desire to help others cook their own homemade meals inspired me to create Tasty Tin.


My goal is to show you how simple and enjoyable it can be to cook your very own meals. Impress your family and friends that doubted your skills and probably teased you once or twice about it. With Tasty Tin, you will finally be equipped to make those special dishes for family events, holidays or even just date night with the boo. Here at Tasty Tin we’re just regular people who love to cook, shop and entertain our friends with good food.


Each box in the Tasty Tin subscription service is designed to show you how to prepare, cook and enjoy delicious meals many of us already eat with friends, family and loved ones. Each box contains dry ingredients, tried and tested recipes, and a kitchen tool to add to your kitchen arsenal. As an added bonus, you will also get my awesome tips, tricks and suggestions to help you execute the perfect meal! Our boxes are really a unique, culinary toolbox for everyone looking to cook tasty meals without needing to be a culinary genius. Join us and we will help you build your kitchen so that you can relax and drink a little too much wine because you don’t have to drive anywhere at the end of the night.